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Backstroke for Every Body - A Total Immersion (Swimming Instructional) (2007)

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Автор: Terry Laughlin
Формат: Color, DVD, NTSC
Дата выпуска: 01.01.2007
Продолжительность: 45 мин.
Язык: английский

Об этом DVD

After 40 years as mainly a freestyle swimmer, Terry Laughlin decided to transform himself into a complete swimmer at age 55. The all-new drill sequences he developed in the process are illustrated in Better Fly for for Every Body. Unique Features : 1) Live lesson with Terry Laughlin Terry demonstrates and explains every step, what it contributes to the overall skill and how it relates to other skills in the sequence. It s like having a personal lesson with Terry. 2) Beneath the Surface These segments were shot in a current pool, with both camera and swimmer stationary, allowing for lengthy study of the movements. We shot these segments from six different underwater and surface angles, including directly underneath and overhead. No instructional video has ever examined the strokes so thoroughly. 3) TI Coaches Practice Watch TI coaches practice the key drills and the whole stroke, also from multiple angles. Also shows examples of imperfect skills illustrating likely stroke and drill errors to watch out for. 4) For Boomers This section, never before included in any instructional video shows how to adapt your swimming to be better than ever in middle age. Though you may not be as strong or as supple as you were at 25, like Terry you can still swim your best by following the tips in this section.

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