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Easy Freestyle Swimming by Terry Laughlin (2008)

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Автор: Terry Laughlin
Формат: Color, DVD, NTSC
Дата выпуска: 09.12.2008
Продолжительность: 73 мин.
Язык: английский

Об этом DVD

Swim easier, farther and faster. We Guarantee It! Easy Freestyle is the next best thing to having your own Total Immersion coach. Master the skills and secrets for swimming as easily, as far or as fast as you d like. Easy Freestyle presents seven self-coaching lessons, perfected at Total Immersion Workshops, with every telling detail examined above-and below-water, with slow-motion and comparison video.

Terry Laughlin, TI Founder and Head Coach says:

"I feel this DVD represents something truly ground-breaking in “self-help swim-im-provement.” First it teaches the unmistakable advantage of: (1) minimizing energy waste before focusing on increasing fitness or power; and (2) minimizing drag in every aspect of the stroke – including pull, kick and breathing.

Second, it uses dramatically enhanced presentation tools for learning each step and answering every question, including: (1) Clear links of every lesson to the full stroke; (2) Side-by-side comparison of correct and incorrect techniques; (3) Graphic enhancements to clarify every critical position and movement path; and (4) A review/practice segment for each lesson".

Here’s a lesson summary:

Lesson One: Cooperate with Gravity - Learn to use – not fight – gravity to: (1) Find your natural equilibrium in the water; (2) Achieve a sense of support, comfort and confidence; and (3) Break a cycle of exhausting overkicking.

Lesson Two: Take the Path of Least Resistance - Learn "fishlike" body positions and hone your alignment to minimize drag through active streamlining.

Lesson Three: Swim with your Body - Learn to: (1) Use your hand to “cut a path” through the water, lessening resistance for your torso and legs; and (2) Use rhythmic weight shifts - instead of fatigue-prone arms and legs - to propel yourself with effortless power.

Lesson Four: The "Perpetual Motion" Stroke - Learn to use your "powerhouse" (core-body rotation) to drive your pull and kick. Maximal speed with minimal fatigue equals the “Perpetual Motion” Stroke.

Lesson Five: Channel your Energy - Integrate a compact, relaxed recovery with core-powered movement to minimize unnecessary muscle activation, increase ease of movement, and channel energy where it does the most good.

Lesson Six: Seamless Breathing - Learn breathing skills that not only get your muscles the oxygen they need, but also make your stroke more powerful and effective.

Lesson Seven: Turns that save Energy and Time - Learn the secrets of a fast, easy turn. Three versions of the “touch” or “open” turn that provide more air and yet can be fast enough for racing and two versions of the flip turn. All illustrated as comprehensively as every other skill.

Lesson Eight: Swim Faster Efficiently - Swim fast the smart way instead of the hard way. Learn to increase stroke tempo in a controlled and incremental way without sacrificing the efficiency you’ve patiently developed, with the aid of a Speed Trainer.

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