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Historical levels of Magic coaching should be done by RS gold regular combat with every hit. Note that to make it successful, you will need to find monsters which you may profit from. Especially useful will be people with Herb drops such as Twisted Banshee or those with high tier weapon drops such as Fire Giants at Waterfall Dungeon. This method might be quite time-consuming or expensive as a lot of Nature Runes is going to be demanded, but nevertheless it will offer the best experience speeds at this stage.

After reaching level 55 of Magic, you will have the ability to cast High Alchemy, which is the most useful spell which you can use to market items which you don't want anymore. It applies mostly to leftovers from the Fletching drops and training that you get from Slayer.

MINING. In general, Mining training is similar to an Ironman in regular ways of leveling yet the main distinction is that you will have to spend an hour or two now and RuneScape gold buy then on mining the tools such as jewels for Slayer bracelets or Volcanic Ash to get Ultracompost. It usually means that you shouldn't go all the way to 99 with traditional strategies but spend some time on farming items that you will need in the future. As for pickaxes, you should not have some problem with getting new ones since most of them can be purchased from the NPC shop except for the Dragon one, which is the rare fall from some of the directors. If You Choose mining gold ore You'll Get precious resources for smithing training