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Тема: Loyalty points from OSRS membership

I have wanted to test out RS3 again, particularly with Osrs gold dovy showing some of the content with his new Ironman, but I've tried logging onto a few times and involving the MTX and finish clusterfuck trying to determine what you can/should be doing in the game jumping in a mid level character from 8 years back, I've only logged out each moment.

I would really like to actually give it a chance or make an Ironman account for it, but then I'd need to play with Ironman and also lose all my loyalty points from OSRS membership which is similar to essential for mid-end game content together with the p2w stuff.

The game is not broken. It's a couple of problems, but overall it is a fantastic game. I guess we can stop bots more. Maybe impose trade limits, where you can not give large excess amounts of value to account you haven't had additional for 6months or so. That would do the job.

They attempted something like this in'09, turns out that it Buy Runescape gold only makes doing things way harder than it must be, the economy can't shift to reflect reality quickly enough, and people use crap that happens to get high value to circumvent it.

I'll come back the moment skilling is actually workable as a money maker AND not hidden behind quests that have high combat requirements. Skillers as primary money makers are dead for years.