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Re: Пределы скорости в IT



Re: Пределы скорости в IT

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Re: Пределы скорости в IT

If you're new and make a new personality when shadowlands establishes of RuneScape gold you may degree to ten at a new zone akin to tutorial island which will teach you runescape. Then level. So you're perhaps looking at 10-20 hours to 50 to level to leap into shadowlands. For people who have leveled through runescape they could pick any zone they need and level to 50 there without leaving and can enjoy the narrative. If you're not familiar with runescape, allow me to stress how enormous this shift is. Not to mention the significant hit against the 120 increase (which is 60 dollars) It might take you about 100+ hours to degree to max particularly if it's your first time. The whole community is extremely pleased with this change.

RS is AWFUL value for money (and I am also ignoring how MTX-ridden RS comparatively is, which if anything, should make the sub price cheaper) and one reason I ceased my sub. WoW includes megatons of articles and full-scale raids and dungeons dropping each patch (every few months), provides a world 100x larger than RS, works on a greater engine (no signal rate clunky bullshit or jagged movement), and so is much superior and hugely diverse in combat (12 different classes and 36 different specializations). The systems and interfaces are better. You will find hardly any content and bugs is usually super glossy, since patches proceed on PTR (Public Test Realm) to get runescape player testing before they make it to launch a month or two later.

There is lots of reasons to whine about jagex and anything but nearly none of the reasons you listed are good. Matches DONT RVEN HAVE PvM like RuneScape has. Saying different matches have better pvm if Runescape might be the only game which runs pve content how it really does is silly.The lore and storylines are in fact really good in RuneScape, I'd really say it's on the highest grade for mmo lore and story. Some games like WoW have deeper and more more complex lore but that is comparing it with the best.

I have no clue how anybody can say wow or ffxiv has more stuff to do. Have you played them? I have, all of them(in reason) Dungeon runs and daily quests, very basic crafting systems. World reputations and quest. War quests and some raids. If it comes down to it it's all the exact same thing. Kill stuff until cheap OSRS gold dies. Raids and timed keys in WoW are great competitive content it is fun and gets you right into it. However, the variety isn't there. We have sooooo many fleshed our abilities and supervisors and minigames. Should you play with Ironman you'll really maybe do a few of the content instead of camping one spot for cash then afking skills.


Re: Пределы скорости в IT

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