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There are 54000 users in this subitem. EA sold about 130 million copies in the first week of its release. I don't want to be a frustrated person, but there's nothing to complain about that the game can do or that mut will change the grand plan.

People who accept that there are many flaws in the game will continue to buy the game, and people who expect the game to be better than the previous year will continue to be disappointed and post here. Unfortunately, our voice is not enough to guarantee that EA will change

Longshot relies on all the archetypes of sports myths, from battered pickup trucks and serious company to thin high school coaches and Hall of fame guest stars. But in his mind, he is a hero with both ability and uncertainty. Only Madden NFL can make this kind of conflict have real meaning to users, and Madden NFL has done more than any other work of sports media in the past 30 years, so that the concept of Madden expressed in terms is more specific and easy to understand.

Longshot, written by two childhood friends Mike young and Adrian Todd Zuniga from St. Louis, is the biggest difference from Madden's usual career model suite and online multiplayer games in the past decade. In terms of narration, longshot is a simple story of redemption, and structurally, it is very easy to play based on fast time series and almost impossible to fail dialogue options. Longshot has three results, probably the fourth, which can guarantee a certain reserve at the end of the rainbow.

But if there's a year when NFL's only video game needs a transition game like longshot, that's it. In real life, two NFL franchises are packed, moving to Los Angeles, while the other is flying to Las Vegas. Madden NFL 20 's career suite has changed the least since the introduction of the "online franchise" model five years ago. This will disappoint many diehards. But like last year's sibling FIFA 17, Madden put eggs in the story mode basket.

The worst thing for long-term players is that the frost bite engine, which makes longshot possible, provides clearer visuals and more detail. This makes the players on the field more dangerous, but the pace of the game takes longer to make them available. It will be frustrating for those who know where to throw the orb at the moment the defender reaches out. The new engine doesn't seem to help a lot in the run-up, and its success still depends on catching up with another team in an inappropriate defense or changing the way of playing in the line of contention. Some might say that's how it works in real life. However, compared with the five, six or seven minutes that are common in most Madden games, it usually takes longer to get paid for playing Madden .