Тема: Madden 21 move to PS5

Madden 21 move to PS5 is potential for those seeking to make the jump to Madden 21 coins the next generation consoles. EA Sports has announced that Madden NFL 21 allows for progress and information to be saved and carried over between the programs. Players need not be concerned about completely starting over upon launching their new consoles on their holiday morning--thanks to Dual Entitlement.

Yes, it will. In this same vein, those who purchased and play it on Xbox One will have the option to move their data to the Xbox Series X, as well. Essentially, if you possess a copy of the game for the previous console you may automatically have it on the next generation.

Unfortunately, those seeking to change platforms will be out of luck. There is no way to transfer info from Xbox you to PS5 nor from PS4 to Xbox Series X.

In addition to this general title, players will also have all their spare data and advancement in Ultimate Team, The Yard, Franchise, and Face of the Franchise. MUT 21 roster builds, Madden points, and cheap Mut 21 coins also the other binder articles will even seamlessly carry over.