Тема: Canadiens goalie Carey Price unlikely to return be

The Canadiens will likely be without MVPgoalie Carey Price for at least another month." https://www.astrosedges.com/houston-ast … ynn-jersey We said it would be a minimum of six weeks, so it was a long-term injury," coach MichelTherrien said Friday ( https://www.astrosedges.com/houston-ast … ott-jersey ). "When you're dealing with a long-term injury it's always tough to say that he's going to be back on this specific day.MORE: "We need to follow the rehabilitation proce s and I'm told it's going well."Price has been dealing with a lower-body injury he  https://www.astrosedges.com/houston-ast … -jr-jersey sufferedduring a Nov. 25 contest against the Rangers. The likelihood that he will be back on the ice before the All-Star weekend ofJan. 30-31 seems slim.The https://www.astrosedges.com/houston-ast … ole-jersey  Canadiens have gone 6-12-1 during hisabsence, andthe Panthers have pa sed them for first place in theAtlantic Division.Pricewon the Hart Trophy last seasonas league's most valuable player. In 12 games this season, he has a10-2-0 record  https://www.astrosedges.com/houston-ast … ann-jersey with two shutouts, a 2.06 goals-against averageand a .934 save percentage.